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3.4 5vz Bolt in conversions
    Are you looking into doing a 3.4 conversion yourself?  There are lot of things to be considered.  First you have to source a complete conversion. Dealing with wrecking yards and tracking down all needed parts to this conversion can be costly and time consuming . Secondly you will need to research how to perform the swap hopeing the info you get by searching online is accurate and applies to your application. We source you a complete engine, we know the information to insure compatibility and  perform all the necessary modifications, fuel lines, drill hole in block for dipstick, build conversion wiring harness, install one of our crossover pipes for drivers side drop, plumb and label all lines for fitment in 3.0 engine bay. We will need several parts as well as wiring  from your 3.0 donor vehicle.  We send you a ready to bolt in and plug in 3.4 5vz conversion including all parts and fluids to complete your 5vz conversion. Starting at $4000 (plus shipping) these are tested and inspected  used engines we let you know all the details about your engine and you get to select it.  We take the guess work out of the  conversion and  send you a bolt in conversion that can be completed by the do it yourself customer in a weekend or two. 
     We get a deposit of half down and your donor parts, from there we can have a plug and play conversion ready to ship out in 30 days. Email for a quote or call 541-895-2020

WHY 3.4?
    Toyota trucks or 4runners between 88 and 95 with the 3.0 V6 are notorious for having poor power and many expensive mechanical problems, What we offer is a complete engine conversion. The 3.4 5vz V6 Engines were used from 95.5-04 in Toyota Tacoma's, T100's 4runners and tundras, These motors are proven to be far superior to the 3vz. The swap will bring new life back to your Toyota. If your 3.0 is ready to be replaced a 3.4 may or may not cost a little more up front but can save you money down the road So why pay $3500 or more to replace the 3.0 and not get an upgrade in power, reliability and fuel efficiency when for roughly the same cost you can upgrade your entire engine to a more modern reliable power plant. It truly is a better value considering what it takes to do the conversion vs a replacement. All workmanship is top quality, CLEAN, and guaranteed.​Type your paragraph here.

3.4 bolt in conversions 

Over the years we have done 100's of 3.4 conversions for customers from all over the country and Canada. If you have a 88-95 3.0 V6 prices start at $4500 parts and labor including engine for manual transmissions, and $5000 for automatics. If you have a 22r or 22re prices start at $6500. We also offer for the do it yourself project, a 3.4 plug and play drop in conversion for 88-95 V6 trucks and 4runners, see info below. 

Complete 3.4 swap/conversion,  
    This is a start to finish 100% completed conversion ready for pickup,  We have customers from all over the world, we can accept transport of your vehicle or arrange to drop you off/pick you up at the Airport/Train/bus station during business hours. In most cases we need 3 weeks or less to complete your conversion from the time you drop off your vehicle.  A deposit of half down is due before we purchase your conversion, and hold your shop time, contact us to see how far out we are. We will post pictures of your vehicle on our facebook page during the swap process so you can follow along and see the progress, You do not have to be a member of facebook to do so. 

     Engines are all good used and fully tested and inspected to ensure they have been taken care of and come with a 90 day warranty, our labor is covered with a 1 year warranty. We have never had a reported failure with any of our swaps to date.   Average mileage is around 120-150k range. Lower mileage engines can be found prices vary. We will select your engine and let you know exactly what year and mileage is available and get your approval before we purchase your engine. We prefer from our experience a good used factory Toyota engine that has been taken care of over a rebuilt engine. You can always get it rebuilt later down the road when needed, and at that point you will already have everything you need and not have to source all the parts to go with your bare rebuilt engine. If you supply the conversion our base labor charge is $2500 plus parts if you have a 3.0 V6 originally. 

​Factory systems 
     All your original systems will still function as they did before, including gauges. Not all customers have air conditioning, cruise control or automatic hubs. If you have functioning factory air conditioning, cruise control, or automatic locking hubs those systems will require more parts, labor, and wiring to make function again. 
   Cruise Controll add $125
   Air conditioning add $150
   Automatic hubs add $100

Hood Clearance 
     The 3.4 sits higher and makes contact with the hood and clearance is needed. 88 trucks and 88-89 4unners will need a scoop or body lift. 89-95 trucks and 90-95 4runners will need a body lift or hood scoop 90% of the time, 10% of the time we can just cut the center supports out from the underside of the hood. If you already have a body lift then you're good to go. We have a test hood for 89-95 trucks and 90-95 4runners once the 3.4 is installed we can see if you happen to have enough clearance to just remove the support structure on the underside and not require a scoop or body lift. 
1 inch body lift installed $250 for trucks and $300 for 4runners. 
Hood scoop $125 installed 

     We offer many options from new clutch kits, radiators, timing belt, water pumps etc... contact us for a detailed quote sheet for your Toyota. 

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