99/00 Cal emissions / 01-04 3.4 Conversion crossover pipe

All new flanges, Includes down pipe with 02 sensor bung, features

gasket-less V-band clamp for easy install.No core required, Lifetime warranty.


​3RZ / 2RZ bolt in conversion mounts for 22R / 22RE black powder coat $210

​3.4 5VZ Rear sump oil pan kit with dip stick, for solid axle Toyota 4x4's. Kit includes Oil Pan, Pickup tube, gasket, dip stick tube, dip stick, dip stick union, Oring                    $295

Fuse box hot wire, when you relocate your battery to the drivers side power up your fuse box from the positive connection on your starter          


3.4 conversion dip stick works with your 3.0 4x4 oil pan    


Hood clearance in necessary when swapping a 3.4 You can go with a body lift or a cut a hole in your hood for clearance and add a scoop, we like these bolt on fiberglass hood scoops to cover the hole and added style. They come unpainted, with 7 mounting studs to secure it in place. 

Its often necessary to relocate your Battery to the drivers side fender well, our battery tray makes it easy and clean reusing your factory Toyota J hook and battery hold down, as well as plastic battery liner. We also can add mounts for your Evap box if needed. The tray lines up with one of your factory bolt holes in the fender well, then you mark and drill 3 holes in your fender well for secure mounting. This will not work with your 3.0 Radiator overflow reservoir you will need to relocate it or use a 22r/22re Radiator over flow bottle. Works with 96-00 4runner & 97-01 Tacoma Evap box's

3.4 Conversion Crossover Pipe Modification

       3.4 Crossover pipe core charge $100

"contact us first to check core availability"


   3.4 V6 engines exhaust dumps on the passenger side, 3.0 V6 engines exhaust dumps on the drivers side. We can modify your 95-00 3.4 crossover pipe to dump on the drivers side, from there use your 3.4 kick down pipe to connect to your current 3.0 exhaust system. We do not modify the 99/00 California Emissions or 01-04 style crossover pipes. Modification cost is $175, Core charge is $100, often times we do not have cores to build so in most cases we will have to modify your original pipe. We can modify your crossover pipe and have it ready to ship within 7 working days of receiving your core. We do not fix your broken or stripped exhaust studs. All pipes are painted with High temp ceramic impregnated black paint, it holds up well but we do not guaranty coating. All pipes retain the factory heat shield for stock appearance and heat protection. ***OFF ROAD USE ONLY***

We do not fix your stripped out or broken

exhaust studs. 

Kick down pipe installed and welded to your current exhaust system. 

95-00 Kick down pipe

99-00 Cal Emissions / 01-04 3.4

crossover pipe we do not modify

this style of crossover pipe. 

Unmodified 95-00 3.4 crossover pipe 

Toyota engine conversions, WIRING, parts, and accessories

Toy Only swaps

3RZ / 2RZ Bolt in conversion mounts

​3RZ / 2RZ Conversion oil pan Rear sump T100 for 79-85 Solid axle trucks, and 86-95 Toyota 4x4 with Solid axle swap $275

Battery relocation tray


Ship your 3.4 Crossover pipe for modification to....

Toy Only Swaps 

193 South Front Street 

PO Box 619

Creswell OR 97426 

Make sure to include your contact info. 

    3.4 conversion crossover pipe modification


​3RZ / 2RZ Conversion oil pan for 86-95 IFS Toyota 4x4's Limited quantity's call for availability  $375

​Swapping in a 3RZ 2.7, or 2RZ 2.4 into your 79-95 20R, 22R, or 22RE? Our RZ conversion mounts make it a bolt in. Unlike other mounts on the market they retain the stock geometry of the engine so you won't be putting stress on your transfer case mount. Also feature mounting holes for dip stick tube, and intake brace for a clean factory like install.

​3.4 5VZ V6 Rear sump Oil pan for solid axle Toyota 4x4's, Includes Oil Pan, pickup tube, and gasket.                       $260

​3.4 dip stick hole drill guide / bit

If you have a 3.4 from 1999 to 2004 you will have to drill a hole in the block for the dip stick, our guide makes it easy, comes with size U bit and features a bottle opener so it won't be a one use item. ​$49

3.4 conversion clutch kit, 88-95 R150 3.0 V6 transmission, use with 3.4 flywheel. $275

3.4 conversion clutch kit, with mounting hardware and new aftermarket flywheel, used with 88-95 R150 3.0 V6 transmission $375

3.4 conversion clutch kit's

These K&N cold air filters work great for 3.4 swaps, they fit directly on 95-98 MAF sensors, and will fit on a modified 99-04 MAF housing from the air box.


Hood Scoop

3.4 conversion hood scoop  


Radiator overflow bottle 22R / 22RE works with our battery tray           $39

Battery relocation tray with evap box mount


Battery tray & evap box mount

​3RZ / 2RZ bolt in conversion mounts for 22R / 22RE $175


We offer factory Toyota Clutch kits for 3.4 conversions when using your original 88-95 3.0 R150 5 speed. We have found the Factory Toyota Clutch kits to be of the highest quality and durability even when driven aggressively.